Partner Organisation Commitment and Collaboration

The schools as partner organizations in this project have a well-established and long-standing research commitment in collaboration with ACU with a track record of productive outcomes as detailed in Section D. For example Brunswick College and the current principal have worked with CI Love investigating challenges faced by international students in senior school Maths resulting in several refereed journal articles and also contributed to the DVD ‘Building Understandings in Literacy and Teaching ‘ (BUILT) and Literacy Across the School Subjects (LASS). Caroline Chisholm Catholic College (CCCC) and Penola Catholic College have been part of the SLIP (Secondary Literacy Intervention Program), where input by educational linguists has been provided by the Catholic

Education Office, in consultation with ACU, as part of an initiative to improve teachers’ understandings of the literacy demands of various curriculum areas, including mathematics and science. CCCC and Penola College have also been part of the CTEC (Catholic Teacher Education Consortium), concerned with supporting senior secondary students from low SES and diverse linguistic backgrounds to seek pathways into secondary teacher education at university. Data from an ACU funded research into the CTEC program is still emerging, but has already found that secondary students from these communities are now able to imagine tertiary pathways that they believed were not available to them previously. Roxburgh College has been identified by the Department of Education and Training (DET) Victoria as a school with a strong leadership team who are strategic in their plans to support senior secondary students from low SES and diverse linguistic backgrounds to excel in Maths and Sciences and seek pathways into university in these subjects.