Who is undertaking the project?

This project will be conducted by a professional research team from the Australian Catholic University’s Learning Sciences Institute of Australia. Chief Investigator, Professor Len Unsworth will lead the project and oversee collaboration with schools and the supervision of research support personnel. He will be on site twice each school term (8 visits/year) for teacher workshops, preparation of classroom work, data analysis and inter-school symposia. Key roles include leadership in data analysis, theorization, dissemination and reporting. Chief Investigator, Professor Russell Tytler is an internationally high-profile science education researcher who has led work on representation-intensive science pedagogy will provide leadership in: teacher workshops, guiding teachers’ formulation of student representation tasks, analyses of responses and data analysis interpretation to conceptualize science pedagogies infusing the development of students’ understanding and creation of multimodal representations. Dr Lam Pham is completing a second PhD under the supervision of Professor Tytler and will contribute his significant expertise in conceptual development of chemistry knowledge in secondary school students. Chief Investigator, Professor Kay O’Halloran is an international expert on the multimodal representation of mathematics. She will contribute to analyses of learning and assessment materials and student representations, conceptualizing the interaction of mathematical and scientific discourse and its variation across subjects and grades and how guided and exploratory students’ representations can optimize their integration of mathematical and scientific understanding. Chief Investigator, Dr Sally Humphrey is an expert in academic literacy development in the secondary school. She will contribute to teacher workshops and then work intensively on preparation with the teachers to develop infused multi literacies pedagogy. She will be on site twice each school term (8 visits/year). She will have a major role in analyses of learning materials, student responses and classroom interaction, development theoretical and practical pedagogic frameworks, and co-authorship with PIs disseminating outcomes. Chief Investigator, Professor Kristina Love and seconded investigator, Dr Paul Chandler are based at ACU Melbourne. Dr Chandler has experience in secondary school chemistry education and both Professor Love and Dr Chandler and have expertise in school-based research and teacher professional learning. They will provide immediate contacts for Partner Investigators. They will also work intensively with teachers on classroom preparation, contribute to learning materials and classroom data analysis, and conceptualization of pedagogic frameworks. Research Fellow, Dr Michele Hinton Herrington will coordinate the practical conduct of the study across the schools. She will provide direct preparation and teaching support to participating teachers. In addition, there will be a number of important partner investigators on the ground in four secondary schools.