Sample Lesson Sequences

This project has been about improving the achievement of students from disadvantaged backgrounds in senior physics, chemistry and biology. Teachers and researchers in this project worked collaboratively to progressively derive principled bases for developing student learning about and through the verbal, visual and symbolic representations that construct and communicate scientific knowledge and understanding as teachers implemented learning experiences on selected topics in the classroom.

We have documented a selection of lessons deployed across the sciences over the life of the M3S project in Sample Lesson Sequences that are now available for teachers to access via the hyperlinks in this page. The lessons offer some examples only of many possible applications of the principles of learning about the through visual, verbal, symbolic and other multimodal representations in science. Each Sample Lesson Sequence provides infused strategies and activities that teachers may find useful through the teaching and learning cycle to engage science students in multimodal work using a range of resources, including Powerpoint and YouTube links.

Year 12 Biology: Natural Selection
Year 12 Physics: Photoelectric Effect
Natural Selection Power Point